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Payment done with Ko-Fi

15$ each +9$ extra character, flat color only.
Headshots are 6$

Flat Color
Bust: 18$ +12$ extra character
Waist Up: 27$ +18$ extra character
Full: 39$ +24$ extra character

Full Color
Bust: 24$ +18$ extra character
Waist Up: 33$ +21$ extra character
Full: 45$ +30$ extra character

Ref Sheets

Base price is 63$ for a front view and a back view

Base price for a front view and clothes reference is 51$

For all it's 75$

Each chibi is 15$ for each one you want on the sheet!

Any info you want is included with any price

Ask about props!

Props and other objects will have an extra price. This price fluctuates and will be decided by me.

Please ask about backgrounds (and for examples) simple scenes would cost half the base price, while complex scenes are plus the base price (ex. 33$ + 33$ for a complex background for a flat color waist up, while 42$ + 21$ for a simple scene for a full color full body, rounds up to the nearest multiple of 3)

More examples here

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